Launch Day for Issue 1!

Wyrd Daze




It is with great pleasure that I present to you
the Wyrd Daze digital zine!


This issue contains:

The Wyrd Daze EP 1 

Track 1 – Piotr Kurek : Becoming Light
Track 2 – The Hare and Moon : The Dream
Track 3 – April Larson : Harbor House Library
Track 4 – Machine est mon Coeur : Thimble of Wisdom
Track 5 – Isobel Ccircle : King keeps them chained


The Wyrd Daze Podcast featuring:

The Crimson Executioner Part 1 by The Ephemeral Man
The Instructor   written & read by   Joshua Levesque
Silent Streets : Awakening   written & read by   C . S


The Wyrd Daze Zine (PDF) which contains:

Cover collage by The Ephemeral Man

Second cover art by Emma-Jane Rosenberg

Poetry by Melissa DiemEmma Hammond,            …

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